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NOTE: Information in this section is not all inclusive and is subject to change due to law changes. For the latest information refer to the current CDL Manual for the
state you live in.
Please be sure to read the pre trip inspection section that applies to all commercial motor vehicles.
Additional Pre Trip Inspection Information for Coach/Transit Bus

Passenger Entry/Lift (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Check that entry doors operate smoothly and close securely from the inside.
  • Check that hand rails are secure and, if equipped, the step light(s) are working.
  • Check that the entry steps are clear, with the treads not loose or worn    excessively.
  • If equipped with a lift for the disabled, look for any leaking, damaged or missing part.
  • Lift should be fully retracted and latched securely.

Emergency Exits (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Make sure all emergency exits are not damaged, operate smoothly, and close securely from the inside.
  • Check that any emergency exit warning devices are working.

Passenger Seating (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Look for broken seat frames and check that seat frames are firmly attached to the floor.
  • Check that seat cushions are attached securely to the seat frames.


Doors/Mirrors (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Check that entry/exit doors are not damaged and operate smoothly from the outside. Hinges should be secure with seals intact.
  • Make sure the passenger exit door mirrors and all external mirrors and mirror brackets are not damaged and are mounted securely with no loose fittings.


Level/Air Leaks (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • See that the vehicle is sitting level (front and rear), and if air-equipped, check for audible air leaks from the suspension system.

Fuel Tank(s) (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • See that fuel tank(s) are secure with no leaks from tank(s) or lines and the fuel cap is tight.

Compartments (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Check that baggage and all other exterior compartment doors are not damaged, operate properly, and latch securely.

Battery/Box (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Wherever located, see that battery(s) are secure, connections are tight, and cell caps are present.
  • Battery connections should not show signs of excessive corrosion.
  • Check that battery box and cover or door is not damaged and is secure.
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