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NOTE: Information in this section is not all inclusive and is subject to change due to law changes. For the latest information refer to the current CDL Manual for the
state you live in.
Please be sure to read the pre trip inspection section that applies to all commercial motor vehicles.
Additional Pre Trip Inspection Information for Tank Vehicles

Tank vehicles have special items that you need to check. Tank vehicles come in many types and sizes. You need to check the vehicle operator’s manual to make
sure you know how to inspect your tank vehicle.

LEAKS (Pre Trip Inspection)
On all tank vehicles, the most important item to check for is leaks. Check under and around the vehicle for signs of any leaking. Do not carry liquids or gases in a
leaking tank. In general, check the following:
  • The tank’s body or shell for dents or leaks.
  • The intake, discharge, and cut-off valves. Make sure the valves are in the correct position before loading, unloading, or moving the vehicle.
  • Pipes, connections, and hoses for leaks, especially around joints.
  • Manhole covers and vents. Make sure the covers have gaskets and they close correctly. Keep the vents clear so they work correctly.
  • Special purpose equipment. If your vehicle has any of the following equipment, make sure it works:
  • Vapor recovery kits.
  • Grounding and bonding cables.
  • Emergency shut-off systems.
  • Built in fire extinguisher.

Make sure you know how to operate your special equipment. Check the emergency equipment required for your vehicle. Find out what equipment you are required to
carry and make sure you have it and that it works.
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