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CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Coach/Transit Bus

Last updated on December 4, 2022

Additional CDL Pre Trip Inspection Information for Coach/Transit Bus

The following is a list of additional items that the driver must check during the CDL pre trip inspection coach/transit bus. If you need a passenger vehicle (P) endorsement on your commercial driver’s license (CDL), please check our passenger endorsement study guide with practice test and answers.

Passenger Entry/Lift

  • Check that entry doors operate smoothly and close securely from the inside.
  • Check that hand rails are secure and, if equipped, the step light(s) are working.
  • Entry steps must be clear, with the treads not loose or worn excessively.
  • If equipped with a lift for the disabled, look for any leaking, damaged or missing part.
  • Lift should be fully retracted and latched securely.

Emergency Exits

  • Make sure all emergency exits are not damaged, operate smoothly, and close securely from the inside.
  • Check that any emergency exit warning devices are working.

Passenger Seating

  • Look for broken seat frames and check that seat frames are firmly attached to the floor.
  • Check that seat cushions are attached securely to the seat frames.


  • Check that entry/exit doors are not damaged and operate smoothly from the outside. Hinges should be secure with seals intact.
  • Make sure the passenger exit door mirrors and all external mirrors and mirror brackets are not damaged and are mounted securely with no loose fittings.


Level/Air Leaks

  • See that the vehicle is sitting level (front and rear), and if air-equipped, check for audible air leaks from the suspension system.

Fuel Tank(s)

  • See that fuel tank(s) are secure with no leaks from tank(s) or lines and the fuel cap is tight.


  • Check that baggage and all other exterior compartment doors are not damaged, operate properly, and latch securely.


  • Wherever located, see that battery(s) are secure, connections are tight, and cell caps are present.
  • Battery connections should not show signs of excessive corrosion.
  • Check that battery box and cover or door is not damaged and is secure.

Source: 49CFR383.113

Passenger Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Memory Aid (PDF)

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