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CDL Pre Trip Inspection

Last updated on May 2, 2023

Performing a CDL Pre Trip Inspection is vital to ensuring the safety of both you and your vehicle. It allows you to identify any potential problems with your vehicle, and reduces the chances of an accident.

During a Pre Trip Inspection, you must check all aspects of your vehicle. If there are any problems, you must have them repaired before you can drive your vehicle again.

Performing a Pre Trip Inspection is important because the DOT may cite you for failing to perform a pre-trip inspection. In some cases, it could even cause your truck to be pulled off the road. Minor issues can become major ones over time. It’s important to resolve these problems before they become costly.

The following is a complete list of areas and components that must be checked by the driver during the CDL pre trip inspection.

CDL Pre Trip Inspection:

All Commercial Motor Vehicles:

Additional things to inspect for:

NOTE: Information in this section is not all inclusive and is subject to change due to law changes. For the latest information refer to the current CDL Manual for the state you live in and 49CFR338.113.

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklists

Combination Vehicles(PDF)

Straight Truck(PDF)

Passenger Vehicles(PDF)

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