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CDL Study Guide Tank Vehicle Endorsement

CDL Study Guide: Tank Vehicle Endorsement

by: CDL Digest

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CDL Study Guide Tank Vehicle Endorsement

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This CDL practice test study guide contains information for those who drive tank vehicles; therefore needing a Tank Vehicle Endorsement on their CDL license.

In order to obtain this Endorsement, each applicant must have knowledge covering the following:

  • Causes, prevention, and effects of cargo surge on motor vehicle handling;
  • Proper braking procedures for the motor vehicle when it is empty, full and partially full;
  • Differences in handling of baffled/compartmental tank interiors versus non baffled motor vehicles;
  • The differences in tank vehicle type and construction;
  • Differences in cargo surge for liquids of varying product densities;
  • Effects of road grade and curvature on motor vehicle handling with filled, half filled and empty tanks;
  • Proper use of emergency systems; and
  • For drivers of DOT specification tank vehicles, retest and marking requirements.

Sections of this CDL Practice Test Study Guide include:

  • Inspecting Tank Vehicles
  • Driving Tank Vehicles
  • Safe Driving Rules
  • Sample Test
  • Sample Test Answers
  • Pre-Trip Inspection Memory Aid

The CDL study guide is available for digital delivery only, so there are no shipping costs. This CDL practice test study guide can be downloaded immediately after payment.

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