Commercial Drivers License (CDL) General Medical Requirements and Qualifications


A person shall not drive a commercial motor vehicle unless he/she is physically qualified to do so and, except as provided in ยง167;391.67, must have on his/her person the original, or a photographic copy, of a medical examiner’s certificate to show that he/she is physically qualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

For more detailed information, please refer to the following:

  • RegulationsPhysical Qualifications (49 CFR Part 391.41)
  • Medical Certificate Instructions
  • Medical Examination Form (PDF)
  • General Qualifications (49 CFR Part 391.11)
  • DOT Procedures for Drug and Alcohol Testing (49 CFR Part 40)
  • Waivers/Exemptions/Pilot Programs (49 CFR Part 381)
  • Alternative Physical Qualifications for Loss/Impairment of Limbs (49 CFR Part 391.49)
  • Medical Evaluation Conflict Resolution (49 CFR Part 391.47)
  • Intra-City Zone Driver Limited Exemptions (49 CFR Part 391.62)
  • Vision & Diabetes Waiver Grand fathering Study (49 CFR Part 391.64)


Source: 49 CFR 391

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