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School Bus Endorsement Practice Test 1

Last updated on May 5, 2023

This CDL School Bus Endorsement Practice Test 1 contains knowledge and safe driving information that all commercial drivers should know to successfully pass the CDL “School Bus Endorsement” written test.

School Bus Endorsement Practice Test 1 Methods:

Number of practice test questions with answers: 20

Number of correctly answered practice test questions needed to pass: 16

Passing score: 80%

This CDL School Bus Endorsement Practice Test #1 with Answers is applicable for all 50 States.

School Bus Endorsement Practice Test #2

CDL School Bus Endorsement Practice Test (#1) Questions with Answers



#1. Under what conditions is evacuating a school bus mandatory?

#2. When making turns, a school bus can have up to _______ feet of “tail swing”.

#3. How far from the left and right sides of the school bus do the “danger zones” extend up to?

#4. When approaching a school bus stop, the driver should bring the bus to a full stop with the front bumper at least _____ feet away from students at the designated stop.

#5. The doors of the bus are to be kept closed at all times when the school bus is in motion, EXCEPT:

#6. If the school bus you are driving is equipped with a flashing white strobe light, when should it be used?

#7. If you have to leave the driver’s seat to handle a serious behavioral problem on the bus, you should:

#8. When operating a school bus to transport adults or for non-school functions:

#9. What should you be able to see if the outside flat mirrors are adjusted properly?

#10. When operating a school bus on routes that have steep downhill grades, the driver of a school bus should do all of the following, EXCEPT:

#11. If the antilock brake system (ABS) on the school bus malfunctions, you still have normal brake functions?

#12. All school buses, loaded or empty, must stop at railroad-highway crossings, UNLESS:

#13. The “danger zone” is:

#14. You are unloading students along your route, who must cross the roadway. Where should students walk to after exiting the bus?

#15. At the completion of the school bus driver’s work day, each driver shall:

#16. When approaching a school bus stop, the driver must turn on the flashing amber warning lights at least ________ feet before stopping in a speed zone that has a posted speed limit of less than 45 mph.

#17. The overhead inside rearview mirror has a blind spot area directly behind the driver’s seat as well as a large blind spot area that begins at the rear bumper that can extend up to _______ feet or more behind the bus.

#18. When approaching a school bus stop, when should the driver activate the “stop arm”?

#19. How far from the nearest rail should you stop at a railroad-highway crossing?

#20. After unloading students at school, why should you walk through the bus?


School Bus Endorsement Practice Test #2


The pool of questions used to produce this practice test have been independently created by CDL Digest and come directly from Code of Federal Regulations (Title 49 – Transportation) and the information provided in AAMVA’s “2005 CDL Test System (July 2010 or newer Version) Model Commercial Driver Manual”.

These are the same sources that all 50 State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLA) are required to use by federal regulation (49 C.F.R. 383.133) to develop the pool of questions for all written tests needed for a person to obtain a commercial learner’s permit (CLP), commercial driver’s license (CDL), and/or any federally authorized endorsements.

Note: The above listed source information is static, meaning changes to the information used to create the pool of questions that your State Driver Licensing Agency (SDLA) uses for the actual written test have been extremely rare over the decades. Due to the static nature of the source information, you may see practice test questions and answers in this practice test that are very similar, if not identical to the questions and answers on the actual written test. If this occurs, it is purely coincidental. CDL Digest is not affiliated with the AAMVA or any government agency.


The source material used by CDL Digest to develop these practice test questions is very technical. Relying solely on the practice tests we have produced will not be enough to successfully pass the actual written tests. You will NEED to study in order to successfully pass these practice tests and the actual written tests.

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